How to Kill Mosquitoes at Home

Mosquitoes are a problem specific to the summer period we face every day. When they invade your home, your sleep becomes a nightmare, and the whole family's health may be jeopardized. Here are some ways to show you how to kill mosquitoes at home.

1.An insect net is the classical and by far the safest. Since it was installed, you can sleep peacefully and be assured that the mosquitoes will not come around you. You'll also save money that you would normally pay for short-term solutions. It may be installed on any window or door. According to the existing woodwork, you decide if you can mount one youself or if you need a specialist to ask for help.

2.Air conditioning is another way to keep mosquitoes out. Although this is not the purpose of the device, chances are while using it to prevent mosquitoes access. They do not like cold air, but rather prefer the heat from the outside.

3.Anti-mosquito sprays will kill mosquitoes but only for a short period of time (several hours). It is very important to read and respect the directions marked on the product packaging. In general, people should not enter for several hours the room that was sprayed . Chemical substances are toxic and can create serious health problems .After you've applied the solution is very important to ventilate well.

4.Anti Mosquito laminates are inexpensive and often an effective way to kill mosquitoes at home. They are cheap, and the effect lasts for about one night. It is better to buy them with that special device for pluging in . If you do not have the device but must get rid of mosquitoes quickly, you can sit the laminate on a hot surface (a lamp in working order).

5.Ultrasound System is a non toxic solution against insects. On the market there are many options for both indoor and large spaces. Their destination will be established based on their power and covering area. Price starts from $30 and can exceed $200. Ultrasound can not be detected by human ear, but fine enough to ward off insects in the area.

7.UV lamps can be found in different models, depending on the area to be used . They can be used in closed rooms, but must be placed at a height of over 6 feet above the ground in a dark corner of the room. They also work well in the garden, against beetles or flies. Insects are attracted to UV light and then electrocuted. Some models are equipped with a fan to quickly attract and kill mosquitoes inside. The device is easy to clean and maintain.


Sofia Johnson said...

Mint is another great repellent. You probably have a garden, you'll be able to plant your own. Also you can more ways to repel mosquito here on Mosquito Trap.

Maurise Gelman said...

These are just simple ways on how to kill or control mosquitoes at home. I personally tried the insect net and the AC, and I can personally attest that there were less mosquitoes inside the house. It’s just like what you said, they really don’t like the cold interior and they can’t pass through the nets that I installed. :)

[ Maurise Gelman ]

Mark Genie said...

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Kuldeep Sharma said...

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